Vote For Death

by Hamartia

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Created on the night that dawned a new dark age for the nation, expressing rage, sorrow, and hatred. A breakdown of the suffering that many across the nation are experiencing. An expression of an unspoken and silent populace, screaming out into hopelessness as a bleak future lies just beyond the horizon. Using feedback, voice, and sounds of the body itself, told in three movements.

The first - a slow build of anger and frustration. A wall of tension and anguish, rising up to overspill.

The second - a long, slow, dark, ambient piece of soundscape. Within the abyssal caves of lonely darkness, we wander. This place is dangerous, do not become comfortable, the underground is even more ugly than that which is above.

The third - a final release, culminating in pure anger, rage, and vile outburst.

Recording was cut suddenly, I had planned to do more, but I decided it was a fitting end, as if in the midst of greatest anger, silence swiftly cut the throat.

Vote For Death.


released November 9, 2016



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